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8 August 2006 @ 10am

Job Opportunities

In the world of a college student, jobs are either in abundance, or are more rare than three-winged butterflies.

I’d like to flatter myself and say that I had a few chances for internships for this summer. There was GE Energy, which I took; Vanguard Investments, who I had to turn down before starting the final round of interviews; a couple of possibles in the Leesburg/Sterling/NoVA area; and a whole slew of panicked emails in late April of companies who didn’t get enough bodies in the first pass to consume their budget.

For next summer, I have goals. I want to work for Vanguard in Charlotte. I regret not having gone to Charlotte for the on-site interview: it would have been great practice for this spring. However, I didn’t have it in me to go: I had all ready accepted GE, and further “leading on” Vanguard struck me as wrong. Hopefully, someone else was extended an offer to come down for on-site interviews in my place.

My pipe dream for post-college runs the spectrum. GE has the IMLP program, where you get four six month rotations between different IT/IM (Information Management) positions and sites throughout the GE business. Vanguard has their own take on IMLP, with three eight month rotations between different concentrations. Important difference: Vanguard keeps you in one physical location, while you usually move for GE.

Then there’s Apple and Google. Computer science majors dream of working for Google, and Apple fanatics would love to be assimilated into the mothership. Google has amazing career opportunities, but they’re all but impossible to even secure an interview with. Apple is a company so secretive, they may not even have an official hiring process for college graduates, and they’re at the point where they don’t bother recruiting: people come to them; why go out and look for bodies when they line up like sheep?

We’ll see where the winds of college degrees and job experience take me.

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