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1 September 2006 @ 1pm

Web Development

IE6/Win, this one is for you.

We love you; really, we do. You’re everywhere, all the time, most everyone knows you, and although you’re not perfect, you’re much better than your older brother IE5/Win. Thanks for not following in his footsteps.

But you know the saying, “Sweat the little stuff”? You’re not breaking a sweat much these days, are you?

Like your measly CSS 2 support. I mean, pseudo-classes have been around for a while now. Do you have any plans to work on that, or will we keep having to correct you like a misbehaving child that enjoys punishment? Here’s hoping your heir apparent, IE7/Win one-ups you in that department.

And what about you and PNG? I mean, I know alpha channels are not the most trivial of features, but ignoring an entire section of image data is worse than not showing it at all! IE7/Win has all ready one-upped you there, thank god.

Those double-joined limbs that only bend backwards, the bone deformities (you know what I’m talking about: the 3 px text jog bug, that wacky-ass “has-layout” property that you just invented); they don’t make you any easier to hold, hug, or love. Get thee to a surgeon, and do so quickly.

IE6/Win, your days were wonderful, but when the champagne buzz wore off, we realized that you were just a new skin on the old, too-familiar face of IE5/Win. I hate to say this, but we can’t wait for you to leave.