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5 March 2007 @ 6pm

Status update…

Well, sorry about that. Life suddenly finds a fifth gear, and all the things that were taped to the outside of the car suddenly come detached and are found later on the side of the road. Like this blog.

I’ve tried, in fits and starts, to accomplish two things with this blog:

  1. Write something meaningful.
  2. Write something often.

Unfortunately, I find myself skipping number 2, because I don’t think I can meet number 1. I’m self-deprecating, thinking that my thoughts, my commentary, my perspective on life and events isn’t worth voicing, even to you, non-existent reader.

This semester has been busy. I’ve tried to write a short post every day, and for most of last fall, I performed admirably well. For the next three months, I’m aiming for twice a week; when I manage once, I’ll feel more accomplished than if I hadn’t written at all.