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25 August 2007 @ 11am

The Final Semesters

With 39 credits standing between myself and a diploma in May, I’ve got more than a few courses to take each semester. Taking 21 hours this fall is going to be something I’ve never done before, both with respect to managing that many hours of lectures each week, and handling the large amount of homework (regardless of the actual difficulty level) that comes with taking seven classes.

I tell myself, over and over, that I’ve done worse. “Remember Operating Systems,” I say. “You took 18 credits, worked part-time, and rushed a service fraternity.” Operating Systems was, in a nutshell, challenging material (learning kernel internals and basic operating systems concepts) that strove to defeat you by sheer volume; it was a class that bet that you couldn’t possibly learn and understand the existing codebase, analyze the project, and put a working solution together in the time alloted. I’m quite grateful that I was with a group of people that I knew well: we trusted each other to get the work done in time, and didn’t waste any resources with “just in case they don’t do this right, here’s another approach” solutions that would have been unnecessary.

After taking a course like OS, one termed the “capstone wash-out course” by the professor, I gained a new confidence in my ability to handle a volume of work beyond anything I’d ever anticipated facing.

Unfortunately for the laid-back part of me, I’ve taken that confidence and run with it, opting to take 21 hours, work part-time, and still make at least two rugby practices a week.

Here’s to giving a whole new meaning to the word “busy”.