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15 August 2007 @ 8pm

The First Days

Today’s been the third consecutive day of “work” with the Get Connected Team at Tech. Monday and Tuesday consisted of somewhat meaningless training, and today was mostly sitting around, surfing the web or chatting with RAs from a dorm.

After a summer of working hard at Protiviti, it feels good to relax a bit. The four days prior to getting back to school were tough: I had to pack my entire room into my small car (Integra coupes don’t make good moving vans), pack for Chicago, attend an excellent, if not a tad expensive, conference, fly back to DC at midnight, and drive down to school just five hours later.

Tomorrow promises to be much more busy. Most of the freshmen who moved in today will be setting up their computers, and with that will come a host of problems, ranging from spyware and viruses to poorly configured application installers.