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24 October 2007 @ 9am

Apple and Third-Party Developers

Apple, as the Leopard release approaches, has chosen to take their customary approach with third-party developers and the Gold Master. Although ADC members have been privately (under NDA) beta-testing Leopard for months, working to ensure application compatibility and reporting bugs, their final seed was released weeks ago. There have been leaked reports of many changes since the last seed to the Gold Master, and none of those changes are available to be tested by third-party developers until the retail version of Leopard is available.

Third-parties can’t test their applications on the shipping version of Leopard until you and I, the regular users, have our copies in-hand and start opening up those third-party applications. It’s not only poor treatment by Apple of the developers, but it’s poor treatment of customers as well. There is no guarantee that the applications you’ve used on Tiger will work on Leopard, despite the best attempts by the third-parties to ensure that the apps will work.

It gets worse. Apple sends a copy of Leopard to ADC members, but it’s not a digital copy, it’s by mail. So, ADC members have a choice: go to an Apple Store on Friday and drop 130 bucks to buy the OS they’ve been testing for months, or wait days or weeks for their free copy to show up, while possibly thousands of customers use broken or non-functioning applications.

Not the best situation for developers or customers.