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30 October 2007 @ 4pm

Leopard Installations

Wincent Colaiuta talks about how broken Leopard is for him. To me, that sounds like a bad install on bad hardware. Gremlins with his optical drive seem related to his old problems with the drive under Tiger, and the rest of the general system instability feels like installation issues because of a bad hard drive.

This is not to defend a X.0 release from complaints of instability, but when your list of bugs three days after the release of the OS is longer than ten points, I’d start looking to see if anyone else had run into them. If no one else had talked about them, I’d look hard at how much time I could afford to burn doing a block-level format of the hard disk (to mark bad blocks) and a completely fresh install.

Simple explanation: a bad install on bad hardware. Complex explanation: a buggy OS, with bugs in tons of weird situations that you’re continually running in to.

I’ll take the simple explanation over the complex.