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11 August 2008 @ 11pm

Mondays, Tired Mondays

A Retro Blockbuster Storefront

As seen in Woodside, CA on my way home from Safeway one evening. (cropping idea and blog post format shamelessly borrowed from Chris Glass)

The last few days have seen me searching for a new place to live. I came out to California with a two-step housing dance in mind. First, find a sublet for a couple of months, since they’re easier to find from afar, and less likely to burn you long-term if they turn out poorly. Then, find a longer-term place to live, somewhere I’ve explored and like, since that’s something you need to do in person.

I missed my thrice-weekly running schedule this morning. Between a half-restored iPhone, and staying up late the night prior sending emails, I didn’t make it out of bed until it was too late. Perhaps tomorrow I’ll make it out the door.

Racquetball last Thursday destroyed me: I have knees and elbows that are bruised from losing battles with walls. it’s the first time back at it since a couple of games this spring. I had a blast, so I’m hoping to schedule it as a weekly self-harm sports session.