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21 December 2008 @ 7pm

Attack of the Mice!

I just went out and bought a Microsoft Bluetooth something something 5000, and a Logitech MX Revolution. I’ve grown tired of this old Logitech two buttons plus scroll wheel, corded optical mouse, and wanted to retire it.

The first reaction when I talk about mice, especially with Mac owners, is “Why not Mighty Mouse?” There’s two big reasons I hate it:

  1. The ergonomics. The mouse is too flat for my hand to be comfortable when I pick it up to move it. I eyed the Targus mouse @lapcat tweeted about a few days ago, but it seemed too flat to be usable, and the store’s return policy didn’t let me open it and return it if I didn’t like it.

  2. The right-click. On normal mice with two buttons, you can leave your hand as-is, and depress the right mouse button to get a right click. Not so with the Mighty Mouse: if you leave your finger on the left side of the mouse, the hardware decides that you meant to left click. This means you have to LIFT your left button finger up, and click with your right button finger, to get a right click. What a ridiculous way to operate a mouse.

I’m blackballing the Microsoft Bluetooth mouse. While Bluetooth is nice, the mouse is much too small (see #1 above), so it’s out.

I’m loving the MX: it’s got more buttons than most keyboards, the scroll wheels (there’s two, and the main one even does side-to-side scrolling!) are fantastic, and it fits my hand like a glove. It runs on an internal rechargeable battery, and comes with a desktop charger, so I don’t have to screw around with a AA or AAA battery charger.

I’m about to install the Logitech software (which I’ve heard very mixed reviews about), since I’m really looking to program the other scroll wheel and the forward and back buttons (USB Overdrive just doesn’t cut it for me). I’ll update this later with some information on how the install goes.

Edit: here’s the post on the Logitech software. It didn’t go well.


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21 December 2008 @ 8pm

I love the MX mouse. I’ve upgraded along with many new releases they’ve put out. Beautiful hardware. Although I’ve always opted for the non-bluetooth one.

That said, I wouldn’t put their drivers on my machine at all. They had an evil third party InputManager at one point. Instead I use the stock prefs panel.

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Steven Fisher
21 December 2008 @ 11pm

For what it’s worth, I’ve never had the right click problem that most people mention actually caused by my hand position. Rather, it seems to be a driver instability problem of some kind. Much worse than hand position, really, but perhaps there will be a fix one day

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Jeff Johnson
22 December 2008 @ 9am

You’re right about the Targus, its profile is very similar to the Mighty Mouse, which is one reason I bought it, but you probably won’t like it if you don’t like the MM profile. My prayers are with you for the installation of the mouse software.

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Peter Hosey
22 December 2008 @ 12pm

Scott: It still has an input manager as of 2.6. It just doesn’t break Growl, TextMate, and CrossOver anymore. (It may still break other apps in different ways, thoughI don’t know, as I don’t use it.)

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22 December 2008 @ 12pm

Does the Logitech MX Revolution use bluetooth, or does it have a USB dongle? It seems wasteful to me to have a wireless mouse that still uses a USB port. All you’re doing is giving yourself the extra burden of having to charge it.

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Christopher Bowns
22 December 2008 @ 8pm

@Alan: it’s a small USB dongle, narrow in profile, and a bit over two quarters in length (or just shorter than the iPhone 3G is wide, if you prefer). I’ve got more USB ports than I know what to do with, so I don’t mind it too much.

I was set on finding a good Bluetooth mouse, but those criteria seem to be mutually exclusive.