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27 February 2009 @ 1pm

Asynchronous Requests

On Facebook: why do I have to get confirmation from a friend when I add details about how I know them?

Why not just give me a choice: add private details, or add public details. Public details can act like the current friend details: they show on my friends page when people see I’m friends with them.

If I just want to make notes to myself, and not show them to anyone else, why can’t I? It lets me attach more context to someone I’ve added: I know them through friend X, we discussed topic Y, et cetera.

Synchronous request/approval cycles are the surest to social network death. More on that later.


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27 February 2009 @ 1pm

I remember when Facebook was still in their getting-popular stage, they pushed the Friend Details feature pretty hard, but then as time went by, that feature was basically relegated to the back-burner in lieu of other features, like applications (which, btw, need to die). I doubt that anyone at Facebook is giving the friend details feature any significant attention.

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Scott Jon Siegel
27 February 2009 @ 2pm

LinkedIn actually does this rather well. On the right sidebar of any contact there’s a private info field. I like to think of it as their “back of the business card” — where you’ve scribbled notes about when/how you met someone (and other extraneous details like whether or not they were an asshole but still possibly a good person to know).

I wonder what Facebook’s metrics are on the adoption rate of friend details. I imagine it’s pretty low. Private info FTW.