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10 February 2009 @ 9pm

G1 vs. iPhone: All in the Design

I’ve posted a couple of times to Tumblr about the G1.

I used a friend’s G1 for about a half hour a few weeks back: it was my first non-iPhone cell phone use since I got my 3G in June. Over Christmas, I also used my brother’s LG Dare, and I suddenly realized how spoiled the iPhone interface has made me:

The iPhone is all touch, all the time. If you’re in an application, any application, you will only use the touch screen. Every single action you’ll perform involves the screen: taps, drags, pinches, swipes. You’ll go to a hardware button if you want to quit the app, or if you want to change the volume. That’s it. Not for text entry, not for answering or making a call, not for anything else.

This changed the way I use my phone. I’m now lost on new phones, because I suddenly remember I have to input things via software (touch) and hardware.

There’s a fundamental mismatch with Android on the G1:

The problem with generalizing the software to such an extent is that while it works with many devices, it doesnt work perfectly with any device.

This quickly leads down the path mentioned above. To support all the user interaction methods that Android sets forth, some Android units will have to introduce dedicated hardware inputs to handle them.

Aside: how does no one get angry at HTC for these hardware shortcomings:

  1. No charging/sync and music or calls at the same time. What? That’s insane.
  2. No A2DP. I think Apple has been excoriated on every message board and review of the iPhone ever for this. This is the first review of the G1 that I’ve seen mention it.