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On Ice

I’m shelving this blog in favor of The Confusatory over on Tumblr. The blog has had a good run, but it’s too much to manage: I have to log in every few days to check for WP updates; I have to manage backups of the MySQL tables and the blog itself; etc etc. Managed software […]

Briefly: Network Topologies

Things I learned today: network link-layer topology makes a huge difference for wireless. My file transfers via 802.11n from one laptop to another were pretty slow: max sustained throughput was 3–4 MB/sec. As an experiment in solving unrelated AirPort base station association issues, I plugged one laptop (that’s already wired up to the TV as […]

SSDs and you: my dual-drive setup

I’ve been running a dual-drive setup on my new MacBook Pro for the past two months. Here’s a bit of info about how I’ve got it set up, and how it’s working for me A quick introduction to SSDs The vast majority of a HD’s time is spent traveling from bit A to bit B: reading or […]

Switching databases with Things

[September 1st: updated for Things 1.2. See bottom section for details.] I use Things for managing tasks at work, and for tracking my personal to-do list. I didn’t want to mix the two up, however, so I use two Things libraries. To swap libraries, you need to hold down option at program launch, and choose […]

CouchDB, and achieving consistency

What happens when you change the same document in two different databases and want to synchronize these with each other? CouchDBs replication system comes with automatic conflict detection and resolution. When CouchDB detects that a document has been changed in both databases, it flags this document as being in conflict, much like they would be […]

Obsessive Completionism

I feel compelled to consume every last bit produced in certain digital domains. Twitter users and RSS feeds are my latest vices; before that, it was Twitter and podcasts, and before that, it was podcasts and issues of The Economist. And every yeah, the SxSW showcasing artists torrents interrupts my music listening as I slowly […]

A few words about Fever

Shaun Inman’s Fever has been out for a little over a month, and I’ve been using it full-time since its release. I love it. By its very nature, a web-hosted app means never having to say, “I’m syncing”. When I close my laptop at home, walk to the shuttle, and open Fever on my iPhone, […]

Formatting digital text for ebooks

Protip: don’t put anything in between me and the beginning of your ebook. Credits, info, dedications: all that junk should be at the end, not standing in between me and your first real words.

Quickly, with feeling

just so we’re all on the same page: This place,, is for tech and social commentary (see posts on Twitter, Russia, et cetera). Posting frequency: maybe once a month; things bake as a draft for a long, long time before they pop out. chyrp is my personal blog. Thoughts, self-analysis, vague hints at angst, et cetera. […]

Excuses for @replies

Addressing this briefly before anyone else starts echoing nonsense that @chockenberry said earlier. Twitter can’t possibly have dropped the @reply choice (show all @replies, or show only @replies to users I follow) in the interest of load management: It takes more work to take my list of followees, take each @reply post that one of […]

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