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23 August 2006 @ 10pm

Sleep Schedules

The biggest sin­gle regret I’ve read from old­er people:

I wish I had got­ten up ear­li­er when I was young. I learned to get by on less sleep, and I gained so much time for myself. I could exer­cise, med­i­tate, or just read to get myself pre­pared for the day ahead. How many days of my life did I waste snooz­ing an alarm?

I’ve been wak­ing up at 5:45 most of the sum­mer, to car­pool to work at GE. This fall, the sched­ule car­ried over. I’m usu­al­ly out of bed between 6:30 and 7 AM, and either head­ing for a run, or over to the gym to lift weights.

I know there’s no oth­er time in my day for either activ­i­ty, so wak­ing up a bit ear­li­er is my best chance to stick to a sched­ule of exercise.

What time do you get up? Is it depend­able, or does it vary from day to day? If you get up ear­ly, what do you do with your time?

Leave it in the comments.

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