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1 September 2006 @ 8am

Today’s weather

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Weather for today

Today, it’ll be 59 and rainy, with a chance of depres­sion, and scat­tered rained-out­foot­ball games sweep­ing in from the north­east some­time tomor­row afternoon.

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8 December 2006 @ 8pm

When is it bad weath­er why do peo­ple get insane??? I have noticed , that any­time it rains, or there is a freeze, the pub­lic pan­ics, rush­es out to the stores and buy up all the bot­tled water, bat­ter­ies, flash lights, firel­ogs, and canned food. Why is this. You would think peo­ple that have been through this kin­da weath­er before would under­stand that it will not last more than a day or two at the most. Anoth­er thing I have noticed is when it rains that all the dumb peo­ple again get on the roads and cause wrecks and every­thing else. What is wrong with the peo­ple? I would real­ly like to know.