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5 March 2007 @ 6pm

Status update…

Well, sor­ry about that. Life sud­den­ly finds a fifth gear, and all the things that were taped to the out­side of the car sud­den­ly come detached and are found lat­er on the side of the road. Like this blog.

I’ve tried, in fits and starts, to accom­plish two things with this blog:

  1. Write some­thing meaningful.
  2. Write some­thing often.

Unfor­tu­nate­ly, I find myself skip­ping num­ber 2, because I don’t think I can meet num­ber 1. I’m self-dep­re­cat­ing, think­ing that my thoughts, my com­men­tary, my per­spec­tive on life and events isn’t worth voic­ing, even to you, non-exis­tent reader.

This semes­ter has been busy. I’ve tried to write a short post every day, and for most of last fall, I per­formed admirably well. For the next three months, I’m aim­ing for twice a week; when I man­age once, I’ll feel more accom­plished than if I had­n’t writ­ten at all.