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25 September 2007 @ 1pm

TextMate is Love

Just anoth­er rea­son I love Text­Mate and the users who use it with me: odds are, if you’re try­ing to solve a spe­cif­ic prob­lem or con­fig­ure things just so with the edi­tor, some­one else has all ready done it. Start search­ing Google with instead of re-invent­ing the wheel.

I had want­ed PHP and HTML syn­tax edit­ing all with­in the same files, since a lot of my use at work (and my orig­i­nal rea­son to buy Text­Mate) was for PHP and XHTML web devel­op­ment. And, as I sus­pect­ed, there was a fix for exact­ly what I was try­ing to solve: set the syn­tax high­light­ing to HTML, and it sees the PHP envi­ron­ment automagically.