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30 October 2007 @ 4pm

Leopard Installations

Win­cent Colaiu­ta talks about how bro­ken Leop­ard is for him. To me, that sounds like a bad install on bad hard­ware. Grem­lins with his opti­cal dri­ve seem relat­ed to his old prob­lems with the dri­ve under Tiger, and the rest of the gen­er­al sys­tem insta­bil­i­ty feels like instal­la­tion issues because of a bad hard drive.

This is not to defend a X.0 release from com­plaints of insta­bil­i­ty, but when your list of bugs three days after the release of the OS is longer than ten points, I’d start look­ing to see if any­one else had run into them. If no one else had talked about them, I’d look hard at how much time I could afford to burn doing a block-lev­el for­mat of the hard disk (to mark bad blocks) and a com­plete­ly fresh install.

Sim­ple expla­na­tion: a bad install on bad hard­ware. Com­plex expla­na­tion: a bug­gy OS, with bugs in tons of weird sit­u­a­tions that you’re con­tin­u­al­ly run­ning in to.

I’ll take the sim­ple expla­na­tion over the complex.