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19 October 2007 @ 9am

The Spinning Beachball Of Death

I know it as the Spin­ning Beach­ball of Death, or the Spin­ning Piz­za, but Craig Hock­en­ber­ry of Icon­fac­to­ry knows it as the Mar­ble of Doom, and made a site just to track how much time we all col­lec­tive­ly lose to that damned cur­sor. Wikipedia is more kind, call­ing it the “spin­ning wait cur­sor”. And Spin­ning Beach­ball Of Death is just the place to go if you want to relive your night­mares over and over again. Go ahead, put your mouse inside your brows­er win­dow, click, and type some­thing to hide the mouse cur­sor. Now just imag­ine your machine grind­ing to a halt as it crash­es from hard­ware fail­ure, a crash­ing process, or thrashed vir­tu­al memory.

Ahh, feels like home.