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4 October 2007 @ 9am

The US Postal Service: We Don’t “Do” Numbers

My Shure E2c head­phones came yes­ter­day from Ama­zon, trav­el­ing from North Car­oli­na to Blacks­burg, VA via USPS. Ama­zon shipped them out of their ware­house on Mon­day, Oct 1, and said that they’d arrive some­time this week. The USPS web­site, how­ev­er, had some­thing else in mind: their track­ing data showed receiv­ing them on Octo­ber 1st, but had an esti­mat­ed deliv­ery date of Octo­ber 15th to Blacks­burg, VA.

The US Postal Ser­vice: we need two weeks to move a pack­age 150 miles.