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11 April 2009 @ 9am

Darting Eyes

The tod­dler in the stroller was end­less­ly curi­ous. As her moth­er pushed the stroller along Guer­rero St, the young girl’s big blue eyes quick­ly moved from traf­fic on the street to the build­ings overhead.

I walked behind anoth­er woman, both of us set on reach­ing our des­ti­na­tions. As we approached the moth­er with her child, the girl paid us no mind, choos­ing to look at more inter­est­ing things than two hur­ried strangers pass­ing by.

I watched her through my dark sun­glass­es as they drew near, won­der­ing what the tod­dler thought of her morn­ing excur­sion through the city. The woman ahead of me was with­in arm’s length of the stroller when, sud­den­ly, the girl’s eyes dart­ed up to look the woman in the face, break­ing her gaze only when the stroller straps pre­vent­ed her from turn­ing further.