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31 May 2009 @ 11pm

Quickly, with feeling

just so we’re all on the same page:

This place,, is for tech and social com­men­tary (see posts on Twit­ter, Rus­sia, et cetera).

Post­ing fre­quen­cy: maybe once a month; things bake as a draft for a long, long time before they pop out.

chyrp is my per­son­al blog. Thoughts, self-analy­sis, vague hints at angst, et cetera. Be care­ful sub­scrib­ing: I’m hold­ing very lit­tle back, and you may find your­self referred to in a round­about fash­ion one day.

Post­ing fre­quen­cy: updates when­ev­er the hell I get around to writ­ing something.

The Con­fusato­ry is my Tum­blr play­ground. Very lit­tle orig­i­nal con­tent there, most­ly just links to inter­est­ing photos/writing/music.

Post­ing fre­quen­cy: updates 3–4 times a week, when I’m on top of things. Might go a week or two with­out any­thing if I’m snowed under on news­feeds and tabs in Firefox.