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15 September 2006 @ 9am

McCain, and Neoconservatism

Again, inspired by The Economist.

John McCain (R‑Arizona) is an often-named front-runner for the Republican Party in 2008. He is called out as a “maverick” by most hardline Republicans, but in what I can only call an amusing twist of reality, he is closer to the original party line than anyone has been in the past five years.

McCain stands for the conservativism that many are missing today. Small government, strong defense, cutbacks on government spending (Sen. Stevens: that means you, Mr. Bridge to Nowhere). He believes that stem cell research should be allowed (no unnecessary government intervention), thinks global warming is an issue (not willing to ignore the environment in favor of fossil fuel based business).

To sum it up:

He is a different kind of Republicanpart sunbelt conservative (who believes in limited government), and part Teddy Roosevelt Republican (who believes in using the power of the state to solve pressing problems such as growing inequality and global warming).

If he’s up in 2008, he will absolutely, without a doubt, get my vote. He’s shown, time and again, that his principles will remain uncompromised despite criticism and risk of being a minority or a shunned outcast.