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16 December 2006 @ 1am

All Ahead Full

Every year, the fall semester does this. It drags on, and flies by. From August to November, it never ends. Tests after quizzes after homework pile on, and there’s no end in sight. We get a brief reprieve from the stress for Thanksgiving. It’s a welcome week of rest, food, and relaxation in an otherwise high-strung semester. But when we return from break, finals are suddenly upon us. A week and a half of classes give way to exams, and we find ourselves one semester closer to graduation, with no idea where the time went.

This summer is my last “summer job”. There are no more summer semesters after that: just graduation, and a lifetime of work. No more eight week internships, no more family vacations with summer reading for classes. No more ordering textbooks in the final days, or dropping and adding courses at a library somewhere far from home. After this, the world becomes ours. We can do anything we want: anything, except go back to what we had.

There’s three semesters left in college. Sure, I’ll go back for my MBA, but those will be different times, with different people. What will we make of the time we’ve got left?