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9 December 2006 @ 11am

Wii! A remote takes flight

There’s sto­ries all over the inter­net talk­ing about acci­dents with the Wii remote.

There’s a series of prob­lems com­ing togeth­er that result­ed in this.

  1. Peo­ple don’t know what a gam­ing grip is. Stran­gle that remote, peo­ple. When you get ambushed by zom­bies, act scared. Hold the remote like you’d hold a .45.
  2. Nin­ten­do put a remote strap on the remote. Yes, that’s a prob­lem. Why? When you give peo­ple a safe­ty device like that, one that seems effec­tive, they become reck­less, and they stop being care­ful. If the remotes had no straps, peo­ple would be much more cau­tious with flail­ing arm motions and whole body swings in ten­nis or bowling.

Speak­ing of bowl­ing: my friend and I have done more than our fair share of bowl­ing in Wii Sports. It’s quite easy to hold onto the remote. You’ve got a grip on the con­troller and you’re mere­ly let­ting off a lit­tle bit of force on the B but­ton to release the ball. I guess peo­ple are let­ting their whole hand go slack instead…

In short, there’s noth­ing wrong with the remote or the strap. Peo­ple need to not rely on what was meant to be a back­up safe­ty device for their pri­ma­ry remote-secur­ing needs.

Update: The gen­tle­men at Freako­nom­ics have weighed in on a sim­i­lar mat­ter relat­ing to seat­belts.

The ques­tion becomes: does the inclu­sion of a fea­ture such a seat­belt or wrist strap pre­vent enough acci­dents such that it over­comes the reck­less behav­iour that its exis­tence encourages?

In the case of seat­belts, I think it can over­whelm­ing­ly argued that they do indeed do more good than they incite harm. The wrist strap on the remote may be dif­fer­ent, how­ev­er, but it’s dif­fi­cult to mea­sure with­out some exten­sive stud­ies by Nin­ten­do on usage patterns.

How­ev­er, as my friend was dis­cussing with me ear­li­er, there’s no doubt that if the strap is break­ing by the tens and hun­dreds, this ear­ly in its launch, it should be made stronger.