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4 February 2007 @ 2pm Programmers Don’t Like to Code

From Programmers Dont Like to Code:

Programmers dont like coding, they like problem solving.

As a Computer Science major, I deal with this all the time. People ask about CS, about what we do, and it’s hard to answer. I think this gives me a good angle: “We solve problems, and we use computers to do that.” It relates closely to “What is CS?” CS is using computers as a tool, and much like a carpenter uses a claw hammer or crowbar or nail gun depending on the task at hand, we use Java or C++ or PHP as it’s best suited to the problem at hand.

We don’t like coding. I don’t. What I enjoy is the problem solving, the decomposition of some big, overarching, difficult to understand problem set into tiny, manageable packets of problems and solutions. Understanding the whole picture, seeing how each part makes life easier or harder, it’s an experience that I love, that I’m good at.