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3 October 2007 @ 10am

Stupid Developers Make Life Suck

Note to OS X installer developers: if you change permissions on any subfolder of /System, breaking printing, Spotlight searching, and trackpad drivers, I will kneecap you.

I have a Netgear MA111 USB Prism-based 802.11b wireless adapter. I bought it for testing KisMAC and fooling around with wireless protocols. Unfortunately, Netgear doesn’t make drivers for OS X for the device, but D‑Link’s DWL-122 is also USB and has a Prism chipset, and so their drivers make the Netgear adapter work.

But D‑Link’s installer is a piece of total shit. They use the built-in to run the installer, so there’s no points to take off for some Flash-based or Carbonized installation process. But, their developers apparently don’t know how file permissions works on a Unix-based system, and manage to break the OS when they install a kext in /System/Library/Extensions.

Oh, they also put their preference pane in /System/Library/PreferencePanes, which is reserved for Apple-only preference panes, apparently unaware of the existence of /Library/PreferencePanes for installing any third-party (that’s you, D‑Link!) preference panes.

I can’t speak with as much vitriol about /System/Library/StartupItems or /System/Library/Frameworks, but I have a feeling that the same thing applies: /Library for third-party items, because /System/Library belongs to the OS, and the OS only.

Again: if you write an installer for frameworks, preference panes, and extensions for OS X, don’t break the system. I will personally hunt you down and punch you in the face if you do.