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2 June 2008 @ 6am

Another On-The-Road Update

We’ve now traveled over 2500 miles. I haven’t totaled gas receipts, but Eric and I are estimating over 350 dollars so far. Thank god for large credit lines with American Express.

Since the last post, we’ve traversed three more states. The morning of the 27th, we headed north from Omaha, through Iowa and into South Dakota. We spent the night camped out at the Badlands. After waking early for sunrise pictures (forthcoming), we visited the Minuteman site off I‑90, swung through the ring road back through the Badlands, and headed west. A trip to Mount Rushmore was punctuated with storms on the way, but as we approached the mountain, the skies cleared. The drive through the Black Hills was quite pretty, and I took several photos out the sunroof of the car.

After arriving in Cheyenne for the night and sleeping there, we spent yesterday on the road, stopping often for photos and gas. We made a quick visit to Radio Shack and an Acura dealer in Denver to work around a burned-out cigarette lighter that happened on day one. The rest of the day was spent trekking across Colorado, over some rather large mountains, and then off I‑70 to take a backroads trip to my aunt and cousin’s house near Telluride.