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11 November 2006 @ 12pm

A long evening

Last night began with the best of inten­tions. Friends were to meet up, and a good time was to be had by all.

But a door was opened, an ani­mal ran, and so began a 45 minute jour­ney through porch­es and cars, trees and bush­es, to recap­ture a cat.

Lov­ing words were spo­ken to glow­ing, dis­tant eyes. Brush rat­tled as she jaunt­ed through it, dash­ing from shrub to tree, chas­ing birds, smelling for oth­er ani­mals. The own­er dove through wind­ing vines and over­grown trees, clothes cut to pieces from brances reach­ing out to slow him down.

But the ebb and flow of chase and run was inter­rupt­ed sud­den­ly. A des­per­ate dive broke the silence of the night, through inter­wo­ven thorns to reach a tree trunk, where the cat clung, hur­ried­ly try­ing to get away. Claws out, she fought and hissed and bit, but a firm grip meant that her jour­ney into the night had come to an end.