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18 November 2006 @ 2pm

A million dollars

A priest, a rab­bi, and a robot walk into a bar.

Only the robot walks out.

Some­one offers you a mil­lion dol­lars. There’s one stip­u­la­tion: what­ev­er you use it for, it must be to chase your dream.

What do you do?

Man is a sor­ry lot. Self­ish, eas­i­ly per­suad­ed, lit­tle motive. He is a fick­le crea­ture of Machi­avel­lian stereo­types. Work­ing only towards his own self-inter­est, the con­cerns of oth­ers are not con­cerns of his.

We nev­er grow up. We just get more expen­sive and illus­tri­ous taste. The tri­cy­cle becomes a bicy­cle becomes a motor­cy­cle. The Game Boy become a Game­Cube becomes an Alien­ware PC. The room becomes an apart­ment becomes a house. We nev­er real­ly tran­scend our desires; we upgrade them to fit our cur­rent means.