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27 November 2006 @ 3pm

Tell Me If I’m Going Crazy…

Some­how, the past is easy. You can look back, see all the things that went wrong, the mis­steps, the motives behind it.

You lose some­thing when you try to ana­lyze what was. If you tear it apart, try­ing to get at the meat of what made it so great, you find that it was just lies, con­ve­nience, and a will­ing­ness to not rock the boat. Sud­den­ly, that which was holy, won­der­ful, divine, seems cheap, fake.

Unease takes over when you speak of uncer­tain things. Peo­ple love to know. They hate the idea that they don’t con­trol things. They want to be the mas­ter of their fate, and con­trol the flow of their life.

Fate is hard­ly that kind.

The best thing you can ever do, is for­get. Rem­i­nisce about what was, how great it felt, how per­fect every­thing seemed. Enjoy it, and then look to the future. The past is what was, not what will be. Peo­ple change, coins get flipped (it was tails today), and ran­dom events inter­fere with our best-laid plans.

The best we can hope for is some sort of abil­i­ty to cope. Hope that we can deal with the knives thrown our way, dodge them, catch them. We stand and say, with con­fi­dence, that we love to live on the edge, one ran­dom deci­sion away from com­plete chaos, but no one means it. Peo­ple want com­fort. They want the same.

But noth­ing is sta­t­ic. It’s all motion, move­ment, and change. You can react to it, and hope to sur­vive with your head above water for one more day, or you can embrace it. Learn to love the quirks that the next hour, the next day, the next month will bring. Let go of assump­tions, of pre­con­ceived notions, and of the sta­tus quo. Change is the only thing that stays the same.

Embrace the unknown. It brings great joy, and great sor­row, but it is unavoid­able. Make peace with its inevitability.