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9 November 2008 @ 5pm

Delicious Will Eat Itself!

Almost two years ago, Jason Kot­tke pub­lished will eat itself. I was intrigued by this recur­sive process on deli­cious, and want­ed to find out how deep this chain went, so a year lat­er, I decid­ed to write an app to descend the hierarchy.

Well, almost twelve months, one OS bug, and one new lap­top lat­er, here it is.


  • You’ll need to fill in a deli­cious user­name and pass­word in three places in MPAppController.m: I tried to imple­ment a dia­log and Key­chain caching for cre­den­tials, but nev­er suc­ceed­ed. (See the three #warning‑s for these locations).
  • The app uses a com­bi­na­tion of syn­chro­nous and asyn­chro­nous NSURL­Con­nec­tions to work with deli­cious. Your mileage may vary on how respon­sive the app stays.
  • This code is pret­ty old. Things in OS X have changed, and I’ve got­ten bet­ter at Obj‑C and Cocoa since then, so apolo­gies for any par­tic­u­lar­ly ugly or wrong parts.
  • I hard­cod­ed a five sec­ond delay between API requests to avoid smash­ing deli­cious to bits. If you remove this and I get nasty emails from them as a result, I’ll find you and punch you for it.

Feel free to pull it, fork it, run it, what­ev­er. I’m done with it, so I fig­ured I’d kick it out into the world. There’s an Excel sheet in the root that’s got the book­mark num­bers I found when I ran it back in August. Again, it’s all avail­able on github.