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Filtering Twitter, Pt 2

(This was still an early draft until last night, so I’ll be massaging these sentences as the day goes on.) General rule-based tweet filtering, and per-user @reply settings have one goal in common: give the user more control over the content they view when they launch a client or go to their Twitter homepage. For […]

Filtering Twitter, Pt 1

Twitter needs filters. “Show me all posts from @cbarrett, except when he replies to @zacwhite.” “Drop all posts where @commanda says ‘RT’ “. “Ugh, South By. Don’t show me anything that contains ‘SxSW’ or #sxsw.” “Drop everything from @patr1ck, but make it look like I’m still following him.” (ok, maybe not that last one). It […]

Consumption Guilt

We spend more and more time consuming other peoples’ life by-products: subscribing to their blogs, reading their tweets, looking at their photos. I don’t create enough in my day to day: I’m tired of seeing everyone else’s muse expressed, and not indulging mine. Worse though, is how widespread this is: it reaches far further than […]

Darting Eyes

The toddler in the stroller was endlessly curious. As her mother pushed the stroller along Guerrero St, the young girl’s big blue eyes quickly moved from traffic on the street to the buildings overhead. I walked behind another woman, both of us set on reaching our destinations. As we approached the mother with her child, […]

Russia’s future

The past few years have been a roller coaster for Russia. Putin’s efforts to remain in a position of power and influence were successful, and oil revenues swelled the government coffers. Their economic house of cards is now teetering, and threatens to take private business down with it. Where did this all start, and why […]

Ghosts in the Mailbox

So, Mail won’t commit any preferences changes. Account changes roll back at next launch: If I add, rename, or delete accounts, it “takes” the change, but as soon as I quit and relaunch, it reverts it: added accounts disappear, deleted ones are resurrected. I’ve watched the plist file live as Mail does the delete: it […]

A Failure To Predict

February 18: Chowdhry predicted the Mac Pro and iMac will likely receive a minor boost sometime in June, in time for the back-to-school season. March 3: Apple announced updates to its iMac, Mac mini, and Mac Pro lines. Apple PR posts here and here. Thanks @patr1ck for pointing this out.

Ripping Bits and Licensing Fees

Eminem’s former production company, FBT, argues that a download is not, in fact, a purchase of music, but rather a license issued through a retailer. As such, the percentage that the artist takes home at the end of the day should be higher, in accordance with licensing terms. Universal, meanwhile, appears to be arguing that […]

Asynchronous Requests

On Facebook: why do I have to get confirmation from a friend when I add details about how I know them? Why not just give me a choice: add private details, or add public details. Public details can act like the current friend details: they show on my friends page when people see I’m friends […]

Third-Party Mods

It does seem, however, that if you have a third-party hack, such as Boxee, installed on your Apple TV, it will be summarily disabled by the update, so proceed with caution. via Apple TV Software Update 2.3.1 is out in the wild This is not news. You’ve installed a custom, hacked, patched OS on your […]

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